University projects

[2008] Pot-A-Plant

In Pot-A-Plant one develop an unique and beautiful flower from a small seed in a pot. Unlock new types of seed but make sure to maintain proper hydration and sunlight exposure or the plant will die.
My responsibilities were game design (shared with other teammates) and parts of the GUI.

  • Every plant you create is unique

[2009] Robo Co-Op – 3D art

Robo Co-Op is a two player co-op game where teamwork in required in order to succeed. Manipulate the environment; one player repel objects and the other attracts them.

  • Teamwork is essential
  • 1.000$ 4th place winner of “Make Something Unreal Contest” in the category, Best use of Physics


My responsibilities were all environment and character assets, texture and shader setup, gameplay mechanics through flowgraph scripting editor: Kismet, implementation of robotic character into existing unreal character pipeline and sound.